Tuesday, 14 September 2010

iPad two in progress macfags begin to drool.

"It seems the iPad 2, or the iPad with a camera and FaceTime, could be here in time for Christmas following reports that it’s in the “advanced” testing stage."

What this means:
Apple are releasing a new iPad even though the initial concept was crap and the only people who bought them were macfags who would buy a larger piece of my crap if I stamped an apple logo on it. The "new" iPad is going to have a slightly bigger memory (not impressive seeming as it has a shit memory in the first place), a camera......... (seems to be a favorite technique of apple to release a "new" product when it simply has curved edges and a poor 0.3 megapixel camera on it) and Facetime the ultimate piece of shitness that is. Facetime is released by apple first on the new iphone they advertise it as if they have invented video calls which have been around since apple were making shitty coloured desktops, secondly this is not actually a voicecall both people must have wifi access and this isn't always available. And finally to add insult to injury this shitty feature requires both users to have a iPhone4 or in this case iPad2. In all it is another shit small alteration to the design that will lead to apple making millions more sales and in turn profit. Try not to rage to much.


  1. I've never had anything "i" but sometimes I wish I did (not because of other people, but because how convenient some of the stuff might be for someone with a busy schedule such as me who NEEDS said convenience). Good post nonetheless!

  2. macfags will surely cum...
    stupid expensive shit..

  3. Well I hope they start to allow everyone to FaceTime over 3G instead of just the jailbreakers.

  4. great post dude supporting you